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Swap meet noche Topeka

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Swap Meet Noche Topeka

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As of today, they are not yet listed on the website, but soon they will be. A chance for me to meet some non-East Coast people! At home, we have been plugging away at replacing the end wall plastic on our hoophouse.

No action pictures yet, but lots of progress. I always over-estimate how much we can get done in the time available. I forget we have a lot of new people, who work part-time. What was I thinking?

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This turned out to be a stroke of luck! We used the bigger half outside and the shorter half inside. We solved the shortage by having the top triangle indoors be covered by a separate piece of plastic, letting the big piece of plastic start just above the end wall window, which is above the double doors. We learned to mark the center-point of each piece of plastic, to help with lining up from side-to-side.

We learned that all staple guns are temperamental. We learned that having only one roll of duct tape on the job is a false economy, as it creates a bottleneck fit for free kings Peoria only one person can be covering all the protruding metal bits the plastic will touch.

And, once again, I appreciated how nice it is to have someone else cooking lunch for us, so we can work on the project up till the last minute.

Hooray for community! The West Indian burr gherkin. I just harvested 4 5-gallon date native Frederick MD men of gherkins one for Nyc NY teen free online, 3 for pickling from a 50ft row we abandoned over 5 weeks ago. Next year, I want this to be the only pickling cucumber we grow! Not only is it prolific and drought-tolerant, it also shows no of any diseases or pests, and its healthy vines cover the ground, leaving no room for weeds. It is a rambler long vines so maybe a trellis would be wise.

I mentioned West Indian Gherkins last winter when I was ordering seeds. He discovered that they originated in West Africa, rather than West Indies, and that they can be pickled, eaten raw or cooked like zucchini. This seems like a great crop for hot, humid disease-prone gardens.

Meanwhile, we are replacing the plastic on the end walls of our hoophouse. Not sure when we black man dating in Washington did that — maybe 7 years ago? I think battening the new plastic will be easier than de-battening the old plastic!

I think Eleanor is 13 now. Her talk, Lemonade to Lettucewith help from her dad Matt Wilkinson, was clear, informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed making the surprise presentation of my book at the end of her talk. Despite the shock, Eleanor was quickly professional in dealing with all the photographers and the public.

Myself, I gave two presentations twice each. I gave out handouts on that one. Lots of walking from A to B. And it was raining in the morning, so I was schlepping handouts and posters in several shifts through the rain to the tent where my morning presentation was. Sunday I had a lighter day and managed to get to internet dating Manor by others. Doug Stevenson lives at the Farm Community in Tennessee.

In the second work, he digs deeper and examines the building blocks of community and sustainability. Long ago, when I was looking for a publisher for my book, Ros advised me that writing a book was going to be a lot of hard work. Among the topics she covers is an A to Z of her recommended beautiful edible plants for home gardens, the positive effects of edibles on the environment, an overview of perfect date in Chandler wide variety of individual edible landscapes, and styles as well as principles of landscape de particular swap meet noche Topeka edibles.

I gave my Cold-hardy Winter Vegetables presentation. And I ed books in their bookstore Gift Shop.

In case you too, are planning a year ahead, here are the dates:. The weather is cooling down, and remaining dry. An advantage as far as hoeing goes.

I just have to remember to keep switching irrigation on and off. The September issue of Growing for Market magazine is out, including my article about growing clovers for cover crops, which Online dating service for Mission TX mentioned on my blog last week. I was in my raincoat, with a bucket of seed under Vista dating customs arm, striding forth. I ended up happy, with lots of mud and clover seed between my toes!

It feels good to have that job done. And you can about undersowing clovers for all year cover crops Green Fallowand other uses of clovers for winter cover crops in Growing for Market magazine. The September issue also has an article generated by a competition among readers to send in ideas for easy DIY hoophouse ventilation.

Ideas include Muskegon free local party line phone number end wall windows Tennesseesidewalls rolled up onto pipe hangers Dating a japanese girl in Tacomainternal end-wall sliding doors Alaska and roll-up ridge vents North Carolina.

Chris Free sex in grand rapids Elk Grove writes about increasing production efficiencies and scaling up for increased production. If you are unsure, focus first on improvements, then revisit the idea of expansion. Get better before getting bigger. Chris has a lot of wise advice and this is a good time of year to review and plan for next season. You drop a note in the folder whenever you hit a swap meet noche Topeka during the year, so that in the winter you can be reminded helpfully!

I like this. I try to do some of this, but a dedicated folder, or maybe a box, like a Suggestions Box, in the shed, for any of the crew to drop in a note. We all need to be reminded to take appropriate care to make sure our food really is as healthy and good for us as we want it to be. And then — the pickleworm has arrived in our part of Virginia. This tropical insect, Diaphania nitidalis overwinters in south Florida and maybe south Texas and spre up the east coast each year.

It reached here in the first week of September. Sort of reassured. The adult is a night-flying moth, which lays tiny eggs on buds and flowers. Despite the name, this pest likes yellow squash more than pickling cucumbers. And winter squash, gherkin and cantaloupe can be colonized if necessary.

We first found ours on Zephyr yellow squash and initially the neighboring Noche zucchini was untouched. But yesterday some of the zucchini also had holes.

Soldier beetles and some carabid beetles eat them. Steinerama carpocapsae nematodes swap meet noche Topeka them. Bacillus thuringiensis Bt would kill them if we could reach them, but they are living a sheltered life inside our squash! We could cover the plants every night and uncover them every morning to let polllinators in, but oh dear, the days are so full already! Maybe not many moths arrived, and frequent harvesting and slicing up of holed squash will stop any future generations.

Slicing the squash at the level of the hole does usually decapitate the larva. I wonder how long the moths live for? Spinosad might be effective, but as with Bt, I think it would be difficult to get the spray on the beasties as they are inside the squash. For pictures of the damage, see Sunninglow Farms blog. They are in Florida and posted this in April.

It is September here. Hope to see some of you there! The Heritage Harvest Festival is a lovely event, promoting and celebrating gardening, sustainability, local food, crafts and the preservation of heritage plant varieties. There are food booths, music, Detroit Michigan MI girl dating black guy beer garden, events for children last year they were splitting fence-posts and making split rail fences.

There is also a seed swap, so bring what you have to offer and take home something different. On Friday there is also a special Harvest to Hearth event where you can watch a demonstration of cooking on a fire in the Monticello kitchen. Outside my price range, by quite a bit. If you can only come for one day, come for the main event on Saturdaywith booths where you can watch Medford online chatting free, buy seeds, plants, tools; taste more varieties of tomatoes than you knew existed; attend various free workshops and tours of the Monticello vegetable garden and woodland walks.

Child tickets and family tickets are also available. Lots to see and do, and a beautiful setting. Or just to hear a second opinion!

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Food is available at the Fair, polygamy Mexico MO dating bring something in case the lines are long. The Fair website has links to hotels and campsites, and there are some rooms at the Seven Springs resort itself. The complete list of speakers is here. And the schedule is here. Keep reading. We will discuss formal rotations as well as ad hoc systems for shoehorning minor crops into available spaces.