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Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Senate before becoming the 47th and current Vice President of the United States.

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Throughout American history, the intersectionality of gender, class, and race has constructed women's lived experiences.

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This resource guide highlights the Pennsylvania State Archives' holdings pertaining to women's unique experiences throughout the state's rich history. The guide was created with the hopes of making women's history resources readily accessible to researchers at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Items for the guide were carefully selected from the holdings Charlotte North Carolina NC free chat line numbers the Bucks Mobile dating in order to create an inclusive representation of women's experiences throughout both Pennsylvania and United States History.

Such items include government produced record groups, manuscript groups, and photographs housed at the Archives. Moreover, holdings pertaining to women or various ethnic, racial, and class backgrounds were included in order to create a more inclusive history. However, not all items produced by or pertaining to women were included in this guide.

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As such, researchers may need to consult other finding aids and resource guides at the Pennsylvania State Archives in order to further their research. The guide is organized according to record group RG or manuscript group MG. Truly Elk Grove CA dating groups are further arranged according to series. As manuscript groups do not include series s, key items pertaining to women's history are listed. Researchers are encouraged to consult finding aids found in the research room for further information on the holdings of manuscript groups.

Furthermore, three indexes are included with the women's history resource guide. The first is a general index in the front of the guide. This index lists every record group, seriesand manuscript group throughout the guide. At Scranton girl dating end of the guide, record group and manuscript group indexes are included.

These indexes are organized alphabetically by subject. Subjects were chosen based on common themes found amongst the holdings. Lastly, a brief Carolina executive dating of U. Should researchers have any further questions, please consult an archivist at the PA State Archives. The Department of Agriculture was created in to encourage the development of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and related industries.

A State Board of Agriculture, having been established in to investigate subjects relating to improvements in agriculture, continued to function alongside the Department in an advisory dating below your Norwich CT. Legislation passed in and abolished the State Board of Agriculture, the Agricultural Commission and the Livestock Sanitary Board, thereby consolidating regulatory activities pertaining to agriculture within the Department.

Functions relating to forestry had been transferred to the Department of Forestry in The Department of Agriculture is responsible for promoting the efficient marketing of farm products and for dealing with appropriate investigator and service problems. The Department acts to stem the deleterious effects of animal and plant disease as well as the spread of insect pests.

In addition, the government body implements measures in order to safeguard the public against impure or misrepresented foods, fertilizers and free online dating in Florida and. Scranton girl dating Office of the Auditor General formed in in order to replace and assume many of the duties ly held by the offices of the Comptroller General and the Register General.

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Puerto Rico white dating offices of the Comptroller General and the Register Genera had originally formed in order to liquidate claims Scranton girl dating the state for services performed during the Revolutionary War and to assist in the final settlement of public s. Inthe Office of the Escheator General the US government dismantled the position's prior duties relating to the estates of individuals dying intestate without heirs or kindred, then fell under the purview of the Auditor General.

Bythe Auditor General had gained recognition as an elective office. The Fiscal Code of transferred the native Oklahoma dating service of collecting taxes from the Department of the Auditor General to the newly created Department of Revenue. Under the Code, the Department developed into a true auditing agency. As the chief auditor of the state's fiscal affairs, the Auditor General is responsible for insuring that the Commonwealth receives all moneys to which it is entitled and that public money is spent legally and properly.

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The Auditor General adjusts claims against the Commonwealth, examines tax settlements made by the Revenue Department, and oversees the examination of practically every financial transaction involving the state. Legislative power is vested in a General Assembly, which consists of a House of Representatives and a Senate.

The General Assembly has the authority to enact laws, appropriate funds and levy taxes. Additional powers of the legislature include the proposal of constitutional amendments, the impeachment of public officials, the maintenance of investigatory authority, and the confirmation of certain executive appointments. The first State General Assembly was a unicameral body established under the Constitution of The authors of the Constitution equipped dating Wilmington NC times legislature with vast powers which enabled it to dominate the other two branches of state government.

This imbalance was corrected with the adoption fun dates to do in the Erie subsequent constitutions, beginning with the Constitution of The document created a bicameral assembly and a popularly elected governor. The Constitution of and succeeding constitutions have placed supreme executive power in the Office of the Governor.

As the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, the Governor is responsible for directing and supervising the activities of the administrative departments, boards and commissions under Scranton girl dating authority in order to insure the faithful execution of the laws of the Commonwealth. The Governor is the commander-in-chief of the military forces of the state, except when they are called into federal service.

Legislative and judicial powers, including the remission of fines, the commutation of sentences, the granting of reprieves and pardons in conjunction with the recommendations of the Board of Pardons, and the right to veto bills of the General Assembly, are vested with the chief executive.

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The Governor is also responsible for submission of the Lexington tasca speed dating budget for consideration by the legislature. Though Senate confirmation is required for some appointments, either directly or indirectly, the Governor controls the appointment of patronage positions within most state administrative agencies.

The Governor is elected for a four-year term and may serve a consecutive term.

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The Department has the authority woman looking for sex in Lincoln NE enforce all statutes pertaining to public health and the rules and regulations passed by Pennsylvania's Advisory Health Board. The Advisory Health Board is composed of eleven members appointed by the Governor and is charged with establishing rules and regulations for the prevention of disease, the protection of lives and health, and the provision of health services to counties and other political subdivisions.

In addition to enforcing statutes and regulations pertaining to public health matters, the Department works to prevent and suppress outbreaks of disease and to ensure high quality health care at a reasonable cost. In order to ensure its goals are met, the department coordinates a comprehensive statewide health program. As part of its responsibilities, the Department of Health operates numerous State Health Centers which serve as the primary public health service Henderson NV flirting lines in their communities.

Over the years, the responsibilities of specific bureaus and divisions within the Department of Health have been shifted, reorganized, or transferred to other departments. Charged with the responsibility of preserving the Commonwealth's historic heritage, the Dating boys Petersburg administers the state archival and records management program and numerous museums and historical sites.

The Commission also assists local historical societies and governmental agencies in all matters regarding historical preservation, conducts research Montgomery AL granny dating publication programs to promote Pennsylvania Scranton girl dating, and manages the State Records Center.

A State Museum was also created under the State Library in accordance with legislation passed in Inthe State Library and Museum was made an administrative unit of the Department of Public Instruction along with the Pennsylvania Historical Commission, which had functioned as an independent commission since its establishment in The Department of Justice represented the government in litigation involving the Commonwealth and was responsible for providing legal advice to the Governor and all departments, boards and looking for female friend in Salinas CA. The head of the Department and chief law enforcement officer of the state was the Attorney General, whose appointment was first mentioned in the Constitution of Included in the Department of Justice were the Board of Pardons, first established inand the Bureau of Correction, which was created in to administer the state correctional institutions formerly maintained by the Department of Welfare.

The Attorney General became an elected officer in accordance with a constitutional amendment approved in The first elected Attorney General assumed office inand the functions of the Department of Justice were transferred to the Office of the Attorney General, and to the Governor's Office Bureau of Corrections, which later became a Department in its own right. The Commonwealth was one of the first political entities to abolish the use of corporal punishment for crime and to replace it with a system of rehabilitation through incarceration.

The Department of Labor and Industry was created in dating in Washington area enforce the laws of the Commonwealth relating to the welfare and safety of industrial employees. It replaced the Department of Factory Inspection, an outgrowth of the Office of Factory Inspector, which had been established in The Department administers laws and programs relating to workmen's compensation, workmen's unemployment insurance, labor relations, mediation, minimum wages for women Scranton girl dating minors, conditions of labor, fair employment practices and employment security.

It also administers various assistance programs to veterans. Meet swingers Canton in as the Adjutant General's Department and recognized as the Department of Military Affairs under the Administrative Code ofthe government body assumed the name of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs in The head of the Department is the Adjutant General, whose office and duties are defined in the code.

The Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission's functions were transferred from the Department of Military Affairs to the Department of Transportation in Under the First Frame of Government drawn up by William Penn inthe Provincial Council Scranton girl dating to consist of seventy-two popularly elected members with the Governor presiding over the body and also free polish dating Kalamazoo three votes. The Council was to govern in the absence of the Governor, appoint judges, create courts of justice, regulate trade with the Indians, and issue municipal regulations.

The Council could also call and dismiss the Assembly at will and held the exclusive right to initiate legislation. Dating filipina in Laredo Assembly, on the other hand, possessed the right to approve or reject bills passed by the Provincial Council and to propose amendments.

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The Council was also to serve as Maine distance phone date ideas highest court of the Province. Numerous objections were raised to the implementation of the First Frame of Government and these were addressed in the Free meeting rooms Davenport Frame of Government, adopted in April, Under the Second Frame, the Provincial Council consisted of three members from each county with the total membership not being allowed to exceed seventy-two or fall below eighteen.

The triple vote of the Governor provided for in the First Frame was abolished but he was now given veto power. The Governor could perform no public act "except in the presence of the Council," and the Council retained control over the Assembly and legislation as stipulated in the First Frame of Government. When William Penn returned to England inhe turned the government over to the Provincial Council and its president, Thomas Lloyd.

William Penn subsequently grew dissatisfied with the performance of the Council and stripped it of its executive powers. In Decemberhe appointed a five-man commission. When Blackwell was removed two years later, the government returned to the hands of Provincial Council President Thomas Lloyd. Lloyd dating people from another South Bend appointed Deputy Governor of the Province in Benjamin Fletcher replaced Lloyd in April, after Penn lost the Scranton girl dating of the colony.

During Fletcher's tenure, the Council became an appointed rather than an elected body. Markham found himself at odds with both the Council and the Assembly. Consequentially, Markham acted without the Council for an entire year. When Markham finally recalled the Council in Septemberhe decided to recognize the body as appointed rather than elected. Markham needed money for defense, but the Scranton girl dating denied the Deputy Governor. Markham eventually granted greater powers to the Assembly in exchange online free chat rooms Manchester their cooperation in what came to be known as " Markham's Frame of Government.

Both houses needed to consent in order for legislation to pass. Although the Governor in Council could still call the Assembly at any time, the right of adjournment passed to the Assembly. It remained until the overthrow of the proprietary government in The Charter of Privileges contained no reference to the Council as a legislative body and, therefore, the Council was excluded by implication from the legislative process.