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Pof Spartanburg SC profile without them knowing

From our perspective at TheDailyScam. We have personally encouraged over men to contact the FBI about this scam —see below.

Pof Spartanburg SC Profile Without Them Knowing

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Years old: 22
My sexual orientation: Male
My favourite drink: Red wine
What is my favourite music: Hip hop

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I met a person on this website last week. I see others have complained on your board about the site also. I met a person and chatted for 5 days. He confessed on thee 6th day that he was an impostor.

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He sent me 2 detailled nude photos the prior day that disgusted me. He confessed that he had taken a male model photo and another photo and used them as his profile photos. Actually he was 40 years older than the person he claimed to be. He explained in detail how he wanted me in an intimate speed dating Point id. I explained to him that I was not interested in this type of friendship.

He apologized over and over again. Richmond Virginia VA university dating claimed he did not have many friends and I was the perfect girl he was in search of. He lied about every part of his life.

He indicated he would remove his profile and never treat a woman this way again. Yesterday I deleted my profile on the site, cleaned out my computer of any correspondence I had dating Fargo expats him and called the police to report him. He now is back on the site with anotheer profile name and anotheer zip code.

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He will deceive another woman even today probably! Websites that have no screening should not be used. I have Illinois aunties dating my lesson from this experience, even though it was a free site.

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I tried to notify Plenty of Fish but see they are in Canada and there is no phone. I did not give my address to this predator but he did get my phone from me. Never again will I place myself into this situation. Dating expats in Champaign life is too precious to be a victim.

Be aware of these on-line dating sites that claim theey are legitimate. This one is definitely not! This site is the most awful dating site, its full of liars, cheats, sexual predators, narcissist's and sociopaths. Geri Wilson All females are. I would expect, Trenton NJ woman dating a white man a minimum, this service would do background checks for felonious and offenders activity.

This user is a registered offender. By visiting the Website or accepting these Terms of Use, You represent and warrant to Plentyoffish that You: i are 18 years of age or older, and that You have the right, authority and capacity to agree to and abide by the Agreement; ii will use the Website in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations; and iii have not been convicted of any felony and are not required to register as an offender with any government authority. I should mention the above is in a 50 mile radius off Oxford UK. Athletic tall dark attractive with a allegedly 'jokey' - imysogenistic profile he deeper dating Paterson NJ despise women it is not a joke.

Met a 'shy humble' man on pof. He became a completely different person, I met his shell of an ex wife, I was slowly turning into her. Pof Spartanburg SC profile without them knowing raged and wanted to choose my outfits, long silences, and looking for sex Peoria IL became the norm.

I escaped after a vicious attack. He went straight into a new relationship so I felt safe. However he is now stalking me, I am recovered from the abuse but was suicidal after the final rage. I reported him to plenty of fish, he appears to be a true predator, very plausible. He is in his new relationship, but continuing grooming more on the site he spends hours every day on the site. Plenty of fish have allowed him keep this activity up despite my report.

He is very attractive, a smooth soft, y spoken "shy" executive.

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His current partner is suffering right now, he continues to declare his true love to me and is grooming more of us daily. Dilou Why doesn't you choose some not so date agency Champaign attractive" man, only a bit "attractive" man?

We men who are only a bit "attractive" men doesn't get any answers. You women, can surely find a marvelous Mr Right, if you give us a chance. Report it to IC3. Plenty of fish is violationg of civil rights they hopefully will be shut down.

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I also have an ex friend, a female who is on pof. So, yes, there are a lot of weirdos on dating sites In the past I had many men of Mid eastern descent contact me all claiming to be "From France". Upon pressing them for more info, I demanded to know their place of birth which was always a Executive Ocala FL dating occupied country.

Now I will say this upfront; I have and had have friend who practice the Islalmic faith that is not the issue here. What the porblem was in these cases was that there were a large of males between the ages of years old, all from countries where terrorist activies have been problems and had been put on terrot watch lists Once they realized I was onto them, they wanted nothing t odo with me. I did contact the administator about my concerns.

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I promptly deleted the profile and later opened a differnet one. I have not seen any of these men on the site since. I guess it is just a case of "Buyer beware" so to speak. I met sumy Norwich dating agency man later on who seemed nice, who when I ran background checks on him and ran his name through various social circles although at this point he resided in a differnt state checked out.

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No criminal record, not on any sex offender regisrty in any state where he ever resided I was very methodical in making sure he was "safe" In the end, he began exhibiting some Davenport girls looking for husband behaviors regarding how he ran his business and out of the blue dumped me, explaining that he was dumping me to go after his ex-wife in order to pretend that he was "In Love" with her he even put this all in writing in s and text messages so i have the proof so he could get her money and assets since his business was tanking And thought I would go along with it and wait for him!!!

Again, no matter what its "Buyer Beware" we all have to be careful That would make some sense.

I have been chatting to a man on POF for 9 months now. He had lied about everything in his life except his job. I done a check on him and he is adult dating Seattle WA free and not divorced like it says on his profile.

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He has told me a dating in easley Palmdale about where he lives as well. He always has to bring sex into the conversation and what he would like to do to me. He has sent me nude pictures of himself which I have kept for proof if needed.

When I have asked to meet hi he always has an excuse. He wont give me his landline and his mobile is Mobile dating womens switched off. He has also gave me a false name. I have now got his home address and telephone and real name.

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Just waiting for him to get back in contact then I will have my revenge. This site is a disgrace full of perverts and men just looking for sex. When ing POF they should be made just for Phoenix dating give their National Insurance so that a check can be done on them before their profile is accepted on this site. I am disgusted. I have met a married man who was looking for a "friend" with benefits I'm done. I have talked to the US Embassy and they finished my story for me I have horrible international phone bills from him texting me constantly The first guy that I decided to meet was an International criminal.

I contacted the Canadian Anti-Fraud Unit which is a government site. He didn't get any money A friend of mine from the RCMP helped me threw this ordeal.