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July began with a bang as strong to severe thunderstorms swept from Missouri into eastern Arkansas on the 1st. Chicken house roofs were damaged about five miles north of Pfeiffer Independence County.

Dating Services In Little Rock Midland

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T he horizon was thick with iron derricks. All around us, pumpjacks were scattered across the muddy fields like an army of giant iron grasshoppers. They bowed their bulky he and lifted rich extractions from the earth: a record 3.

Nws little rock, ar - july, storm report

In fact, half of the U. The two of us were driving the thirty-mile stretch from our hometown Manhattan New York NY dating events Andrews to attend the Permian Basin International Oil Show, in Odessa.

This time around, in Octobermore than seven hundred companies had jockeyed for a space, and another three hundred had been placed on a waiting list. Some 30, people would attend over three days. When Odessa and neighboring Midland sold out of beds, some attendees wound up staying as far away as Lubbock, more than two hours north. Inside the Ector County Coliseum, where the show is held, every rung of the oil field ladder was there, from roughnecks wearing grimy overalls and steel-toed boots to executives in starched jeans and North Face jackets.

They admired the to-scale models of artificial lift systems and ogled the women giving product demonstrations.

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Some companies handed out augmented reality heets you could strap on to test out products in 3-D. Now company s promised six-figure salaries for entry-level positions, plus ing bonuses. A mobile barbershop was parked outside La Dateing in Killeen TX, the only grocery store in town. Josh and I wandered outside the coliseum, where the hulking toys of the oil field—cranes, rigs, tractors, huge diesel engines, and other machines deed to help mankind bend the earth to its will—were fired up.

A rig crew, each man still wearing his high-impact gloves from the field, gathered under the Ford dealership tent to admire a ruby red Shelby F Super Asian speed dating Anchorage AK pickup.

Eventually we made our way to the historic oil field equipment on the far end of the coliseum grounds. We shook hands, and I asked him what he thought of the boom. He shook his head.

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M y dad grew up on a small ranch near Andrews. Like many of his peers, he started working in the oil field while he was still in high school. But after he graduated, the devastating bust of the eighties forced him to look elsewhere for employment. He went west to Arizona and later to California, drawing a paycheck swinging a sledgehammer and gripping a jackhammer, but shortly after I was born, inmy parents returned free adult dating High Point NC Andrews. My dad took a job with the city, one of the few employers in romantic dates Colorado Springs CO with steady work.

The elementary school I attended was named after the Devonian rock formation, and the other schools in town were similarly named after oil-bearing strata. During the summer, we watched the Midland RockHounds West Texas slang for the geologists who hunt for crude play minor-league baseball.

The team logo featured a dog wearing a hard hat while derricks squirted oil behind him. I remember on one of our drives home from Ogden date night ideas, Mom and Dad talked quietly about how none of the pumpjacks that lined the highway were moving.

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Of course, I had no notion of how geopolitics affected the fortunes of my town—how an attempted coup in Venezuela could make sweet home Phoenix Az dating show harder for a local family to put food on the table.

But my friends and I grew accustomed to hearing adults discuss the price per barrel of West Texas Intermediate the way folks elsewhere might talk about the weather, and soon what those figures meant was not lost on us.

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We grew up on stories about former boom times, how the money had flowed like a flash flood in a desert arroyo. We had also heard about the horror of the crash: tales of men Fremont CA hookup reviews themselves in the patch after losing it all. Like farmers celebrating the arrival of storm clouds in a drought, West Texans rejoiced.

Around this time, there was a paradigm shift in the industry. Because the profit margins were so high, oil companies could afford to use hydraulic fracturing or fracking and horizontal drilling best date in Cincinnati Ohio OH to tap into the vast quantities of oil that had been ly locked in porous shale formations.

The shale boom was on.


In stories of the boom reached me while I was attending grad school in Ireland. I had racked up student debt, so I decided to return home and earn some money in the oil patch.

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My duties included hauling parts to far-flung locations and roughnecking on a pulling unit essentially a smaller drilling rig used to work on wells that have gone off-line. I made a good dent in my loans that year, but after a few close calls on the rig and a few too many eighty-hour workweeks out in the elements, I eagerly traded in my OSHA-required steel-toes for a pair of civilian cowboy boots. A pumpjack in motion just east of Andrews on April 28, Louis Cornejo, a roughneck working a job near the community of Welch, an hour north flirt boutique Green Bay Midland.

It seemed as if the mighty shale boom had fizzled out. Purse strings across West Texas tightened, and by December more than one hundred American oil and gas companies, almost half of them based in Texas, had filed for bankruptcy.

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Some workers who had come to the region seeking their fortune ended up abandoning their vehicles at the Midland airport before they boarded flights back home. It seemed dating Philadelphia Pa woman online if the Permian Basin had seen its last big hurrah. Despite relatively deflated oil prices, drilling in the Permian began to pick back up.

Technological improvements were one reason; fracking and horizontal drilling became more efficient. Another factor was the end of a forty-year embargo on crude exports, ed by President Obama in December Permian production has since rocketed from two million barrels a day in to four Seattle women seeking sex in March of this year.

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Over the next four years, industry experts expect the output to double again. As a result, America has neared its long-sought goal of energy independence. The dating Orleans IN breaker of this boom to actual West Texans, however, is less clear.

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Booms are, by definition, explosive—a sudden blast of activity that the local dating in Plano take a community by surprise. Even in the Permian Basin, which has weathered these cycles for nearly a century, a boom of this magnitude is impossible to prepare for. And while it has brought opportunity, it has posed serious challenges.

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Whether the rewards outweigh the repercussions. Most West Texans are grateful for the recent uptick—making a good living in the dusty Permian has never been easy—but even so, locals are faced with a host of new concerns. For one, the cost of living has inflated so quickly that, for many residents, it has outpaced the gains. Those without jobs in the oil patch are especially hard-hit, and industries outside the oil field face severe staffing shortages: Dumpsters overflow without garbage truck drivers to empty them.

Law enforcement is stretched thin while crime rates—drug use, sex trafficking, theft—rise along talk Wayne MI strangers online free the influx of temporary laborers.

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Hospitals are short on physicians. And there are other very real concerns: driving on the highways alongside gigantic tankers and equipment haulers can feel like a suicide mission.

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Though Texas and the U. Traffic congestion in Loving County, which was until recently sparsely populated. Top: Traffic congestion in Loving County, which was until recently sparsely populated. S hawna Granado was born and raised in Odessa. She was nineteen when she took a job as a waitress at the Pioneer Cafe, a tin shack planted on a Detroit Michigan free internet dating stretch of highway some 25 miles northwest of the city.

Despite its remote location, everyone who spent time in that part of the patch mostly men working on wells or at the nearby compressor station knew the Pioneer Cafe at Turnbaugh Corner. The restaurant was never much to look at, but it was the only place serving hot meals and cold beer for miles. When Ma died, inone of the waitresses took over the business.

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Eventually that woman passed it down to one of her meet girl Fremont CA servers, and so it went for years until Shawna, having worked there for nearly a decade, continued the tradition and bought out the flirt local profile Santa Barbara with her parents in Some guys would just be barely waking up, eating their eggs.

And others are knocking back a twelve-pack. I witnessed a few of these early mornings during my tour in the patch in There was always a group of men darkened by the sun plowing through plates of smothered burritos, chili, hash browns, or chicken-fry. One by one she had to lay off her staff; eventually she had to let her own sister go. It came down to just Shawna and the cook. Shawna began to eat through her savings.

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That was one way of surviving, paying myself with food. Shawna celebrated the milestone by hosting a party at the best meet new people New Hampshire. The few regulars who were still around came out to reminisce about the late-night jam sessions, the countless card games, and that one time patrons kept tossing back beers while a tornado touched down just outside.

Six months later, she locked the doors to the Pioneer for the last time. She enjoys seeing some of her old customers who are back to work now. Ironically, a gallon of gas is more expensive in the Permian Basin than at pumps in other parts of the state. Like so many West Texans, myself included, Shawna is proud to be from this scrubby, stinky patch of oil-rich dirt.