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THE AUTHOR: Nancy K Lewkowicz

   The Word Workshop

Developing the reading skills
of older students

  The Word Workshop develops and markets teaching materials for

             TEENAGERS AND ADULTS . . . who have

          WORD RECOGNITION PROBLEMS . . . especially with

               LONGER WORDS . . . 3 syllables or more.

>>> The Word Workshop's workbooks and computer programs are designed to help students in junior high, high school, community college, or adult education programs. These materials are appropriate for students who . . .  

    • need to improve their current academic performance, and may have hopes or plans for further schooling ... perhaps a college degree,


    • have a problem reading long words, even those in their everyday speaking vocabulary, like allergic, spectacular, and pedestrian. 
    • tend to guess at the identity of words like these, and often mistake one long word for another.

For students like these, the Word Workshop's unique multisensory word attack method brings a welcome relief from guessing and stumbling over longer words. Using this highly effective method, students achieve pronunciations so accurate and natural that the words are immediately recognized. Freed from the struggle with sounds, they can now direct their efforts toward comprehension and vocabulary building, as all successful readers do.

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